Our main goal is to help our Clients to solve their biggest challenges in their projects. We can engage any of the pre-construction, construction or post-construction stages of the projects.

Our services can be grouped under four main topics;



We provide project services starting from the architectural design development to all disciplines including MEP. Especially for the international Clients, we are providing “local architect” services in order to localize their projects for the approval procedures from local authorities. Our project consulting and support services continue until the commissioning of the project.


We manage your projects in order to complete them in requested time, in planned budget and in designed specs. Within this context, we provide bid management, contract management, risk management, planning, quality assurance and quality control, sustainability management. Also, with continuous site control of all disciplines and those different perspectives, we create the best project results for our Clients.


We provide comprehensive consulting service to our Clients starting from the development stage until the commissioning. With the help of our experienced and highly skilled specialists, we assist our clients on definition of project goals, analyzing project approach, organization of teams or contractor. Also, with regular basis visits during the execution, we continuously support our Client to overcome even the most complicated challenges.


With an unwavering focus on quality, we provide general construction, construction management, estimating, and skilled craftsmanship to exceed expectations on every project. We do this in every industry we serve. Our sustainable construction practices make us an easy to work with and reliable construction company.


Virtual design tools such as 3D modeling and simulation are becoming increasingly sophisticated and integrated. We believe their potential is best realized when they feed into an advanced design process that brings to life the interactions between designers and between each design element.This process, known as building information modeling (BIM), is transforming the way that we design cities, buildings and systems to perform throughout their entire life cycle. As one of the pioneers in Turkey, we are providing both consulting and designing services on BIM platforms.



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